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Cicca · Chiara Ciccarello

How did your illustrator career begin?

I’ve drawn since child. I have always wanted studied art, but I was pretty good in math so I ended studying building engineering and working as architect in some studios. Two years ago I understood that all I wanted was not designing buildings but drawing the world as I see it, so I decided to quiet the architect work and being a freelancer designer.
My work now goes from interior design to graphic and illustration, and allows me to have to time to follow my personal projects.

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Fatinha Ramos

How did your illustrator career begin?

Suddenly I stopped procrastinating about my dreams. I quitted my job as a graphic designer and took the risk to go 100% for what I really wanted. The best decision I ever made, I am not going to waste my time anymore delaying what really matters.

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Guillaume Marical

How did your illustrator career begin?

I have not really been an illustrator, professionally speaking more a graphic designer. I always liked to draw as a kid, I bought my first graphic tablet around 18 maybe. Thanks to some friends I decided to study this way whereas I always chose another way. I started to study computer science 1st (and did it in fact) and then I chose a graphic art school.

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Jaime Hayde

¿Cómo empezaste como ilustrador?

Siempre me ha encantado dibujar, desde muy pequeño dibujaba, era mi forma de expresarme, al principio copiaba los dibujos animados de la tv y más tarde animales, dibujaba muchísimos animales. Siempre dibujo en papel ya que me ayuda a solventar problemas sin la limitación de la herramienta, después hago bocetos y versiones en vectores. Después de la carrera, mientras trabajaba en el estudio Marina Goñi surgió la oportunidad de hacerlo profesionalmente. La verdad que esa fue la primera vez que fue un encargo serio.
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Andrew Nye

How did your illustration career start?

Not sure it’s a career yet – fingers crossed though! ! I’ve just started this year focussing on my illustration after 9 years in branding as a designer. I would work on the weekday evenings and weekends… I finally decided it needed full attention.

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Lorena Loguén

¿Cómo empezaste como ilustradora?

Pues mi historia tiene giros de guión.
Tengo una familia artística, mi padre es muy creativo y siempre ha pintado. Mi madre trabajó limpiando un estudio en Barcelona donde ilustran cuentos Disney, solían darme dibujos de La Sirenita para colorear. Viví rodeada de pinturas, cine de animación y siempre estaba dibujando, ¡vamos! Que los planetas estaban alineados para dedicarme a ello pero… ¡No! Yo quise ser veterinaria.

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Annika Hiltunen

It has been a long road from being a little kid who just wanted to draw all day long.

The kid grew up and studied to become a graphic designer, worked as one for some years. Didn’t draw that much anymore… After having two children of my own, I started to draw and paint again at nights when our home was quiet. Pretty soon my paintings went to art exhibitions. Being an independent artist was fun but also a bit lonely for someone who was used to work with clients.

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Olivier Danchin

How did your illustrator career begin?

I started my career in 2000 as a webdesigner and illustrator. I’m self taught in these areas and I get my first job in the industry because I notified “illustrator and webdesigner” in the “hobbies” part. I’ve shown some works during the interview and I’ve been proposed a job as a webdesigner. I’ve escaped a boring lawyer carrer thank to my passion for illustration (I’ve studied law and thought at this time that the interview was for a job in the legal department…). To these days I’m still both a digital art director and an illustrator.

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Yahira Hernandez

How did your illustrator career begin?

I consider myself to be a motion designer first before being an illustrator/designer. Hmm I would say my career as a motion designer started when I was still in Puerto Rico. I always enjoyed drawing since I was a kid, but I never considered it as a profession till I finished my first year of Psychiatry in college. That’s when one day I woke up and decided to give my mom a heart attack and tell her I wanted to study art.

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