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Guillaume Marical

How did your illustrator career begin?

I have not really been an illustrator, professionally speaking more a graphic designer. I always liked to draw as a kid, I bought my first graphic tablet around 18 maybe. Thanks to some friends I decided to study this way whereas I always chose another way. I started to study computer science 1st (and did it in fact) and then I chose a graphic art school.

Do you remember your first professional illustration?

I remember my 1st graphic job, it was to modernize an existing visual identity in 2012, 2 months after my diploma. I remember I was working just like we did at school, in a good and slow way, taking long time for sketching. Now I realize there are no time for that haha !
About illustration it was a personnal project, I painted and wrote some short story and I sold just a few little little “book”. It was at the same period.

Is there any illustration or project that you have a special affection for?

Mmh not really, it really depend on my mood, if I met new people, discover a new serie, a new music… Recently my mood is around Miyazaki and Monument Valley, the game.
When I started to build my own universe it started with painting (gouache). I loved to mix, water, hand, gouache to create unexpected painting. At this moment when I started an illustration there was no idea in my head, just painting ! I was a lot inspired by Kate Alizadeh (but not her style from, this one: https://www.pinterest.fr/pinksky56/kate-alizadeh)

Your own style, was it hard for you to reach it?

Oh, I realize I just reply at the previous question. Yes and no ! Started with painting, little by little. And still looking for it actually.

Our beloved partner, the creative block ¿have you got any trick to overcome it?

Music and exploring the web, from artist to artist, by trying anything even if it seems wrong ! (it never is !)

In which existing project would you have liked to participate? It can be a film, an exposition, etc.

For now I am not that interested to participate to a special project. I like to do things my own self. I have some personal project to realize already but need time. Exposition would be great, but I don’t feel ready for that, don’t feel like my illustrations are good enough.

Who or what inspires you?

I think I already replied in some previous questions. Who what… Some artist from instagram of course (can’t say only one name), but some classic as Miyazaki universe, sometimes some anonymous photographer, or sometimes just the landscape outside. A lot of music, always, depend on my mood. Sigur Ros, The XX, Cat Power, CocoRosie, Angus & Julia Stone and many many others. I love music !

How do you see yourself in five years?

Don’t know yet… complicated to figure it out. What I wish, to be a freelance who love what he is doing and free to choose the client I want or not ! And maybe it will be time for a travel break with my wife !

Favorite book and/or movie

Depends a lot with my mood again…Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind has been a long time one of my favorite, but maybe not anymore. I would say, more a TV Serie (and, no, not GoT). The amazing serie called Leftovers. This serie is just magic and “never-seen”.

Favorite music and/or song

Complicated to choose one… I would say The XX.

I am passionate about…

Design, music, my wife ! haha ! And also analog photography and travel and universe science.

What a discovery…

(sorry, I lost myself, I don’t find answer!)

A dish that cooks great

Lasagna (I hope) !

They say the moon is made of cheese, what do you think it is made of?

Cheese ! oh no. Mmmh Cotton Candy !

Three things that would take you to the moon.

My family, music, a cheeseburger

Jaime Hayde has answered our Moon’s Interview and has one question for you, here it goes:

How do you face a new charge?

It depends on time mainly, and what purpose 🙂 About illustration, if personal (like instagram) there are no thinking, just exploring the web, and suddenly, tadam! I want to make an illustration. It usually starts with a colour palette I imagine. Everything start with a colour palette 🙂
 When it’s more complicate job, like professional one it’s step by step. To make it simple, 1st I try to think to lot of words connected -or not- to the subject. I organise them in category, then I create mood-boards with these categories. And then the creative process starts 🙂

Finally, what would you ask to the next artist to goes through our Moon’s Interview?

When you were a kid, what was your favorite toy ? 😀






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