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Fatinha Ramos

How did your illustrator career begin?

Suddenly I stopped procrastinating about my dreams. I quitted my job as a graphic designer and took the risk to go 100% for what I really wanted. The best decision I ever made, I am not going to waste my time anymore delaying what really matters.

Do you remember your first professional illustration?

The non-payed professional illustration, was when I was 8 years old. A drawing I made was used in a poster announcing a Medical Congress in Children’s Orthopaedic.

My first professional illustration was for a Flemish magazine MO*.

Is there any illustration or project that you have a special affection for?

I did an illustration for an exhibition about Portugal. The theme I used was “Saudade”, the only portuguese word without translation. It’s the feeling of missing someone so hard, that the pain goes deep into the soul.Saudade is a deep sadness and emptiness , a void that can only be filled with memories.

That illustration touched people from all over the world, I never got so many and good feedback. Due that illustration, I realised that that was I wanted to do: to touch people in a way through my images.

Your own style, was it hard for you to reach it?

I don’t like to talk about “style” because I really don’t know how is going to be next year, and I was to have a evolution on my work.
But it is already my own voice, a part of me, and its unique. It was extremely difficult to find it, and in a way painful too.

Our beloved partner, the creative block ¿have you got any trick to overcome it?

There are indeed some tricks in order to get again on track.
When I am blocked and nothing interesting comes out, which is quite often, I just go outside: go to nature (park), or for a walk next to the water, or a musea, or I go and do some sport (swim).
If its really bad weather and I am feeling lazy to live because of all the deadlines, I start doing something else where I don´t need to think that
much: like answering mails, or doing account, or working on another project…

Afterwards you feel so much lighter and often the idea come out when you are doing something else.

In which existing project would you have liked to participate? It can be a film, an exposition, etc. Who or what inspires you?

Everything around me inspires me, it can be a shadow, a person I see on the street… Music is a great inspiration for me.
But when I am really looking for inspiration, I search between photography, like ERIK JOHANSON, ALEXANDER RODCHENKO, Chema Madoz; or painters I admire like David Hockney, Henri Rousseau, Egon Schiele, etc. I love the work of Louise Bourgeois or Tracey Emin. I try also to go for see dance performances, or photography of people dancing.

Everything that is out of my comfort zone would be an interesting project for me, like movies, or something 3D.

How do you see yourself in five years?

I hope to look back then and say: OMG, I did so much, I learned so much and I see an enormous evolution of my work. I will be working on different projects.

Favorite book and/or movie

“La vita e bella”, Fellini, but there is so much more…

Favorite music and/or song

I have so many favourite musics for different states of mind. My list would be way to long.

I am passionate about…

Music, chocolate, ice creams, drawing, painting, traveling… people.

What a discovery…

The moon.

A dish that cooks great

Japanese food in general

They say the moon is made of cheese, what do you think it is made of?


Three things that would take you to the moon.

Extra dreams, my friends and family.

Guillaume Marical has answered our Moon’s Interview and has one question for you, here it goes:

When you were a kid, what was your favorite toy?

Sometimes I would play with the cars together with my brother. But in general because I was drawing all the time (or most of the times), I didn’t´t play with the toys I had.

Finally, what would you ask to the next artist to goes through our Moon’s Interview?

Do you live to illustrate, or do you illustrate to live?





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