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Cicca · Chiara Ciccarello

How did your illustrator career begin?

I’ve drawn since child. I have always wanted studied art, but I was pretty good in math so I ended studying building engineering and working as architect in some studios. Two years ago I understood that all I wanted was not designing buildings but drawing the world as I see it, so I decided to quiet the architect work and being a freelancer designer.
My work now goes from interior design to graphic and illustration, and allows me to have to time to follow my personal projects.

Do you remember your first professional illustration?

Yes, I do! It was for Webfest Berlin, I drew the image for the poster and flyer and I designed 5 characters for the event’s social medias. If I look them now, they seems so far from the style I have today!

Is there any illustration or project that you have a special affection for?

I’m really attached to my sketch-books, even if they are not mean to be of physically shared with the world, but because of that they have that expression freedom that make them so special to me.

Your own style, was it hard for you to reach it?

Not really, I have never tried to control it, I think the continuous evolution of an artist’s style is a natural process. It changes slightly with the time, but also with a different media or different spirit of a project.

Our beloved partner, the creative block ¿have you got any trick to overcome it?

When I don’t know what to draw I start with splashes and stains of color, ink lines and scratches with pencil or pastel, the sheet of paper is my blank mind and I fill it randomly and instinctively, most of the time something is coming out.

Another way is going out, meet friends and new people, I love to talk with strangers.
Everybody has a interesting story to tell and I get very inspired by people.

Sport helps me a lot as well. Some time my mind is not empty, rather full of thoughts or worries from the daily life. I’m doing karate for 3 years, I have to be very concentrated to control my body and balance, and to do it I must clean my head of all the outer thinkings.
After a hard training my mind is very clear!

In which existing project would you have liked to participate? It can be a film, an exposition, etc. Who or what inspires you?

I would like to participate to the exhibition at Bologna’s Children’s Book Fair.
And I’m very interested in big scale painting, one day I would like to paint a big mural!

Daily I take inspiration from the people around me.
I’m inspired by contemporary painting and art as well. Yukihiro Taguchi, my husband, is a great artist and he taught me to watch the world with a different perspective. And I always keep an eye to Sicily, my homeland, the sea and the sun, on the earth and inside the people.

How do you see yourself in five years?

I hope in a city where the sun is shining, inside a big studio with huge bright windows, with the hands and the face dirty of colors, surrounded by drawings, paintings and weird objects, working on a art book.

Favorite book and/or movie

Mr Gwyn by Alessandro Baricco is one of the last books I read, and I really liked it!
I have many favorite movies, picking one today, I would say Black Cat, White Cat.

Favorite music and/or song

I like different kind of music: gipsy jazz, indie, IDM and, if I want to sing, italian songwriters.
One of my last favorite songs is Ikareta Baby, by the 90’s japanese band Fishmans.

I am passionate about…

Collecting funny and interesting stuff, from weird objects to crazy people’s stories.

What a discovery…

Asian cooking! In Berlin is easier to find good asian ingredients than tasty tomatoes.

A dish that cooks great

One all fish in the oven “al cartoccio”, with white wine, tomatoes, olives and capers…already getting hungry…

They say the moon is made of cheese, what do you think it is made of?

The moon is the floating head of a space giant woman, whose heart exploded in thousands pieces. The last fragment is on the Earth, so she turns and turns and turns around the planet, looking for it.
I know, I’m very romantic!

Three things that you would take to the moon.

My beloveds, the sea and a bonfire.

Fatinha Ramos has answered our Moon’s Interview and has one question for you, here it goes:

Do you live to illustrate, or do you illustrate to live?

Drawing is a very important part of my life, both as way to express myself to the world, and as a personal cathartic process, but the life is full of wonderful things, so saying “I live to illustrate” would be too restrictive for me.
Illustrate to live? I hope I can say it soon!

Finally, what would you ask to the next artist to goes through our Moon’s Interview?

If you could have a super-power, which one would you choose?






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