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Andrew Nye

How did your illustration career start?

Not sure it’s a career yet – fingers crossed though! ! I’ve just started this year focussing on my illustration after 9 years in branding as a designer. I would work on the weekday evenings and weekends… I finally decided it needed full attention.

Do you remember your first professional illustration?

I think it was working as a junior designer at Interbrand London. They were working with Barclays and needed some illustrative banners for a new Piccadilly circus branch.

Is there any illustration or project that you have a special affection for?

Any of the Shop magazine projects. It was always my dream to work with them as a student.

Your own style, was it hard for you to reach it?

Still getting there! ! My priority was always the idea, as I believe a good idea is timeless and unaffected by changes in style trends. I try to make it accessible and fun… and I have always personally loved working with obscene levels of gradients!

Our beloved partner, the creative block, have you got any trick to overcome it?

More coffee!!

Who or what inspires you?

All forms of creativity, looking at things from different angles.

How do you see yourself in five years?

Hopefully still doing this!

Favourite book and/or movie.


Favourite music and/or song.

Croquet club – Only you can tell… beautiful!!

I am passionate about…

Currently – Conceptual art, drums, deep house, indie, coffee

What a discovery…

The Hazelnut latte

A dish that cooks great.

Falafel wraps

They say the moon is made of cheese, what do you think it is made of?

Surely a halloumi for the high melting point?!

Three things that you would take to the moon.

Friends, booze, a dj for a full (on the) moon party

Lorena Loguén has answered our Moon’s Interview and has one question for you, here it goes:

To The Next Artist I Ask Him: At What Point Did You Know That You Should Never Leave This Profession?

The first time I sat in a coffee shop to sketch up some ideas because I felt like a change of scenery… (I’m hoping to make that a coffee shop by the beach in Australia one day!)

Finally, what would you ask to the next artist to goes through our Moon’s Interview?

What would you be if you never became an illustrator?






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